Which Kindle to Choose From?

Getting the right Kindle that suits all your needs is a big question that bothers you when you are in the process of purchasing the most popular eReader of all times! Your concern is genuine but do not worry because after reading this piece you will have no difficulty picking up the right Kindle eReader. We have prepared a detailed review providing everything at one place for your ease and simplicity so that you buy knowing everything that is important for you in deciding your pick. So let’s dig in!

The 3 Kindle eReader available in Canada are:

Kindle 5th Generation CDN$ 79.00
Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi CDN$ 139.00
Kindle Paperwhite 3G CDN$ 199.00

Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi or Paperwhite 3G?

Kindle Paperwhite have two different models that are alike except for the connectivity. Kindle Paperwhite 3G is the best option for you if you are continuously on the go and you can’t find any Wi-Fi hotspot or access point. If you are a frequent traveler and you need to connect to the internet seamlessly, whether you are at work or on a vacation and use the online features anytime and keep yourself updated then go for the 3G option. The 3G uses the same wireless signals that any cell phone uses and after a onetime payment of $60 at the time of purchasing the service is entirely free of cost!

However if you do not need to be online 24/7 and access the web content continuously or you are a home user or student then Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi version is the best option for you. It saves your $60 that you can spend on accessorizing your Kindle!

Check out the comparison of Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 5th Generation models on the basis of what they have to offer and their distinct features and advantages over another.

Screen Size and Dimension

Both models have same screen size that is, 6”. Kindle Paperwhite is a little bigger than the 5th Generation Kindle, very slightly. Both are easy to carry and fit in the palm easily.

Kindle 5th Gen vs Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite – 16.9 cm x 11.7 cm x 0.91 cm (6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″)
Kindle 5th Gen – 16.5 cm x 11.4 cm x 0.87 cm (6.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.34″)

Display Technology

Kindle 5th Gen and Kindle Paperwhite Display

Amazon was the first to announce the usage of E-Ink Pearl technology in Kindle eReaders. It gives a higher contrast and rich display. But still there was a grayscale-look to the reader screen. This problem was taken care of in Kindle Paperwhite, when after a couple of years of research Amazon built its breakthrough Paperwhite technology that gives a stunningly real book like experience to the eye. Instead of directing the light towards the reader the screen glows from inside from a nanoimprinted led light guide, giving perfectly balanced whiteness. Both products have an anti glare display that makes reading in sunlight possible without straining your eye or messing up your experience.

Kindle Paperwhite – Paperwhite patented built-in light
Kindle 5th Gen – E-Ink pearl technology

Kindle Paperwhite Technology


Both Kindles are light weight, but Kindle 5th Gen is the lightest being the smallest as well. The 3G Paperwhite weights only 9grams more than the Wi-Fi model. This is the only difference in the Paperwhite models apart from their connectivity.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G – 222 grams (7.8 oz)
Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi – 213 grams (7.5 oz)
Kindle 5th Gen – 170 grams (5.98 oz)

Resolution/Pixel Density

Paperwhite offers a more densely contrasted screen and more pixels making the object on the screen sharp and the black text or image looks prominent on the white screen as compared to the 5th Generation Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite – 212 PPI
Kindle 5th Gen – 167 PPI


Both models give a 2 GB on device storage and unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content. So the device can hold up to 1100 books on average depending on the book size.

Kindle Paperwhite – 2 GB
Kindle 5th Gen – 2 GB


Kindle Paperwhite gives two options of connectivity as discussed in detail earlier, Kindle 5th Gen only has the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G – (3G + Wi-Fi)
Kindle Paperwhite – Wi-Fi
Kindle 5th Gen – Wi-Fi

Battery Life

Paperwhite has a long lasting battery as compared to Kindle 5th Gen. It gives 8 weeks of power with 30 minutes daily reading and Wi-Fi off. On the other hand Kindle has a 4 week battery on the same terms.

Kindle Paperwhite – 8 weeks with Wi-Fi off
Kindle 5th Gen – 4 weeks with Wi-Fi off


Kindle 5th Gen has a 5-way controller interface which is easy-to-use and gives precise on-screen navigation for looking up words and highlighting text etc. This way your screen remains free of fingerprints! Whereas Paperwhite has a 2-point multi touch interface. With a single tap of your finger you can effortlessly turn the pages over or do an X-Ray analysis on your favorite characters or topics of interest.

Kindle Paperwhite – 2-point multi touch
Kindle 5th Gen – 5-way controller

Why Amazon Kindle Only?

The question arises why only Kindle? Why is Amazon Kindle the bestselling eReader available?

The best thing about all Kindles is that they are made to replace paper and give the reader a feeling of reading from a real book. Kindles use the best display technology that gives a matte and paper like texture and feel to the user. Unlike the usual tablets, Kindles are designed in a way that they give no glare. The text is easy on eyes to read from any sitting position and there are a variety of hand-tuned fonts to choose from. With 100% aperture ratio on the screen the pixels are placed so close together, without any gap that makes the contrasts on the screen uniform giving excellent image quality.

Its light weighted and is portable, you can read as you stand in a bus, lying in your bed or tanning yourself on a beach.

With the seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, download and lend from Amazon Library anytime and anywhere you want. Add to it free 3G connectivity so where ever there are

Using the Send to Kindle Button, send any online content to your Kindle to be read later or offline.

Another thing that’s common to all Kindles is the Amazon free cloud storage and online library it offers to all Kindle eReaders, including over 250000 exclusive titles and more than 35000 free eBooks that include the bestsellers and prize winners besides work from your favorite Canadian authors.

The most attractive feature Kindle offers is a long lasting battery time as compared to its competitors and around more than 1000 books storage that means take your library wherever you go!

Kindle offers personalized recommendation to you based on your choices on just like amazon.ca, and matching your selections to your personal reading habits.

Kindle enforces parental controls that allow you to restrict your child’s access to the Kindle Store, Cloud and Experimental Web Browser making a very good gift to encourage reading habits in your child.

With the Whispersync technology keep bookmarks and make footnotes across all Kindle devices just like you do in real books, so you can start from exactly where you left!

You can use the sharing and notes function to take notes and share them on Kindle community. Share your favorite passages on Facebook and Twitter.

And a lot more enticing features that you can check on Amazon Canada.


Kindle Paperwhite 3G – CDN $199
Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi – CDN $139
Kindle 5th Gen – CDN $ 79

No doubt Kindle Paperwhite is the best eReader available in the market but it has a matching cost as well! The extra $60 that you have to pay in the case of 3G can be an overhead except some selective users. The package will include your Kindle eReader, USB 2.0 charging cable, and Quick Start Guide [PDF]

Shipping and Special Offers

You will have to pay $2.99 for every electronic order and $1.49/lb ($3.28/kg) per item using the standard shipping terms, and your order will be shipped in 2 to 6 business days. Amazon is also giving a 15% discount on Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card by a $15 Amazon.ca Gift Card. To Learn More please visit Amazon.ca

You will get free shipping for and above $25 order so you are in for free shipping! But some terms and conditions apply, which may include some additional days for your order to be delivered at one Canadian address.

Personalize Your Kindle

Personalize your Kindle with some accessories on discounted rates from Amazon. You can also buy them from any store.


GreatShield Ultra Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film

You can order a GreatShield Ultra Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film for Kindle which is compatible with both models and will be a worthy purchase to guard your LCD screen against scratches, dirt and dust. It’s even washable!

Amazon Kindle Covers

Kindle Accessories

Choose from a range of different colors and designs, the cover that you would like to protect your eReader. Amazon Lighted Leather Cover for your Kindle 5th Gen or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover, Onyx Black for your Paperwhite, which automatically put your device to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened!

North America Power Adapter

Power Adapter

If u do not have a computer to charge your device at home then this is a must purchase for you because Kindle devices do not comes with any power adapter, assuming that you might have a cell phone or a laptop to use the in box USB charger.

A Final Word

When you’re ready, visit Amazon Kindle Store to purchase and enjoy your Kindle eReader and the excellent experience it brings with specifically designed features to suit you! In our Kindle Paperwhite is the best available eReader in the market and it’s a product that will not regret. Even with the absence of Touch to Speech conversions the previous Kindles used to have both the models available in Canada are an instant hit!

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