Where to Download Free Audio Books

In this absurdly busy routine we rarely find time to enjoy our favourite reads. Let alone prop a book open, take a chocolate bar or an apple or a bowl of snacks in one hand and sit comfortably and read! Ah, and the books that you plan to read keeps up adding in the to-do list and after a while you completely forget that reading was once your habit!

So why not use your eReader, iPod or your Smartphone to do the act and all you have to do is to plug in the audio jacks and enjoy  your walk or drive with your favourite books. It will not be a perfectly picturesque moment that we just captured and you might not like the voice of the reader but the links below are definitely worth trying besides being legal!


LibriVox is a website providing you books from the public domain. You can download the mp3 or the ogg files to your computer or audio device. It offers you a search page to filter out your type of books, besides giving links for most favourites or recently added books. You can also volunteer to become a reader here, all you need besides a book is a recording software and of course your own voice!

Project Gutenburg

If you are really into classic books then this is the best link! It’s an all time favourite and I am sure you will bookmark it too! Project Gutenburg is an educational site that presents more than 2000 human and computer-generated audio books besides offering more than 45000 ebooks. It lists the books in alphabetical order and some of the books are translated into other languages like Chinese, French, Dutch etc. It has partnered up with LibriVox and AudioBooksForFree.com for additions to its catalogue.

Audio Books For Free

This site offers you to select from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. The best part about this site is that you can search on the basis of play time as well. The interesting thing about this is that there is a little picture tag associated with each book like murder, abridged and etc. And it tells if the narration comes from a male or a female reader.

Free Classic Audio Books

This is another of the educational sites that has a wide variety of audio books to choose from. Starting from the likes of The Pilgrims Progress to Emma, this site will have all classics you always wanted! This site however only gives the mp3 and mp4 format.


For somebody visiting Librophile for the first time they will see a price listed with every book, which is $0.00 practically! There is a huge selection to search all you want from. You can hover the mouse on the book covers and there will be a pop up story line of the books. You can also listen to the books besides downloading them as well.

Books Should Be Free

This site gives you books in iTunes and mp3 format. Most of the books are classical and you can go to the Wikipedia link for them and can preview the books as well. It has a Google search enabled on the website where you can search and filter for more books. You can also view the teens or young adult’s classics here!

New Fiction

New Fiction , as the name goes, is a collection of recent work in fiction. It has soap-opera like stories where the professional readers recite the scenes with perfect expressions. You can download the episodes from here to your cell or to your iPod, play it online or get its podcast.


Storynory brings you all the fairy tales and kids stories along with the adult literature in beautiful voices. It covers a lot of educational stories from the Bible as well. You can download a free audio book each week from here.

Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud has a huge library of audio books that contains more than 30000 books. It manages a separate section for free audio books that stores up to 5000 books including all types ranging from fiction to educational stuff and even free videos too. Simply right click on your choice, download and have fun!


Podiobooks have all sorts of books which can be downloaded or received via an RSS feed. It has a variety of old and new books to choose from. You can browse the titles or choose your pick from the most popular or the latest releases.

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