Wait for me - Elishabeth NaughtonShe’s been living with amnesia for a long time. Her husband has tried to bring her back into the fold of their lives and friends and family have attempted to make her fit in as well. But she’s never been able to get back into the life she’s told she used to live before the accident. And then tragedy strikes and her husband dies. Going through his office she stumbles across a photo of a young girl, a girl that she is certain is her own daughter.

Wait for me: Elisabeth Naughton

This story is about Kate and Ryan. Ryan has lost his wife in a plane crash and now devotes his life to carrying for their young daughter as his only way of coping. He’s managed to make something of his life but none of it matters without her. Kate on the other hand has lived with amnesia with a husband she doesn’t remember for years until his death throws ice water on her idea of what her past was like. She’s now searching to find out more about this daughter she doesn’t remember when she meets Ryan.

They can’t help but be drawn to each other. Ryan knows that Kate reminds him of his lost wife. Kate simply knows that she can’t stay away from Ryan. She wants to be with him even though she doesn’t know why. Now they seek out the only thing that can bring sense to their feelings for each other and the emotions that won’t let them part.

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