Txtr Beagle shows up at the FCC

At a time when the eReader market is definitely looking for a push or a launch of a new device which can bring consumer interests back to it, a new product is quietly going through the necessary steps in an attempt to see the light of day.

Perhaps the most affordable and easy to use eReader devices ever the Txtr Beagle has taken a giant step to get closer to a rendezvous with a probable launch date. It has recently made the mandatory stop at FCC. The device is small, extremely lightweight and is the first eReader device to have been developed by the Berlin, Germany based company.

It has been reported that the FCC is mainly testing out the Bluetooth aspects of the device. Unlike some of the other popular eReader devices currently available, the Txtr Beagle does not have a USB port. While it makes the overall design a less-frills one, it poses some challenges for copying ebooks to the eReader. This is where the Bluetooth functionality of the device comes into the picture. The eReader has to be paired with a Smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth in order to copy ebooks. Basically a user can download and install the Txtr Android app and then use it to copy the books that he may have purchased or downloaded from the Internet.

Txtr is hoping that they can strike a deal with major carriers in the USA to give the Txtr Beagle away for free. They are reportedly speaking with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, three major carriers in the USA about the possibility of getting an agreement going in this direction. However, unfortunately no carrier has reportedly taken them in. At the moment we can hope that they clear both the FCC hurdle and the small issue about hooking on to a carrier in an effort to bring the product to the end users.

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