Spending more than $100 on an e-reader is not an option for everyone since not everyone has a heavy wallet. But as with everything in life there are alternatives and we bring to you the top three cheapest e-readers you can find in Canada. Rest assured that the quality will not be compromised and that these sub $100 readers are just as worthy of consideration as their much expensive brethren.

Kobo Mini

The Kobo Mini is a great little reader. With a 5 inch touch screen the Kobo Mini is very compact and can fit in your jeans pocket easily. The diminutive size makes this one of the most portable e-readers on the market. At $79 the Kobo Mini is the cheapest e-reader as well plus it comes in various colors to be considered as a fashion statement. Despite being cheap, the quality is maintained throughout from build quality to screen sharpness to reading experience, everything is top notch.

Kindle Reader

The basic Kindle Reader is the best and cheapest option in the Kindle line and does what an e-reader should do best, reading. The screen quality along with the Amazon’s collection of books makes this well worth the $89. The 6 inch screen size is compact enough and the reader proves be a cheap and reliable option especially with the great battery timings. Don’t let the $89 fool you into thinking that is subpar. Amazon has a gem on their hands with the Kindle reader and even though this is a basic version, most people won’t ever need anything more.

Kobo Reader Refurbished

Ah now we have hit a snag it seems. But let us tell you one thing, refurbished items are not particularly bad especially when you are getting such a good deal. The Kobo 6 inch reader comes refurbished for $69.99 and contains 1GB built-in storage. The e-reader also comes with 100 free books and has Wi-Fi allowing you to download books from the Kobo Book store. The 6 inch screen proves to be responsive and the overall reading experience is very good, something which is to be expected with the Kobo brand name. If only the non-refurbished version came for less than $100 this e-reader would be been higher in our list.

With everything being so expensive nowadays getting an e-reader for less than $100 can bring about a nice change of pace. These affordable e-readers are pretty much what signify why e-readers are getting so popular amongst the book reading masses. At these cheap prices everyone should own one!

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