With Kindle holding the majority of the market share here in Canada, any other e-reader will find it difficult to convince consumers of jumping ship. But Sony will try it anyway with their latest e-book reader, the Sony Reader PRS-T2. Read on to find out whether the Sony reader is a worthwhile investment of is it just a flashy gadget by Sony.


The PRS-T2 is well built and matches the looks of its predecessors. The device measures 6.9 x 4.4x 0.4 and weighs 5.9 ounces. Sony manages to give off a clean look to the device with the 6 inch touch screen sitting on the front along with 5 buttons, Left, Right, Home, Back and Menu. The reader sports a matted finish as well and gives off a quality look, but holding it in hand causes some issues. Since the edges are not rounded, rather a little sharp, holding the reader for longer periods or operating it with one hand can cause some discomfort.

The power button lies at the bottom of the device and pressing it for longer periods will open/close the device while you can use it for putting the reader into sleep mood as well. You also have the ability to expand the internal memory with an SD card slot.


The 6 inch screen size is what now seems to be a standard in the e-reader world. The touch screen is good enough with the ability of pinching to zoom. This was expected though, considering the reader is coming from Sony. The Pearl E Ink display which is an industry-standard outputs expected results and is very easy on the eye. But there are some issues to be found. The text rendering isn’t particularly sharp and there is some ghosting experienced while turning pages. Compared to the new Kindle Reader that is actually cheaper than the Sony PRS-T2, the Kindle wins hands down in the screen department, even though it is not a touch screen.

Books and Reader Store

The Sony book store has experienced an update and sports a browser based interface. The interface is pretty comprehensive with a vast search option and various lists like, top selling, top free, new arrivals, bookstands and other bundles. Sony has given this considerate thought and made buying books for their readers a breeze.

For getting free books or linking up with your local library, Sony provides the OverDrive powered library feature which allows you to find a local library and link up with it. There are tons of free books to be had even if this feature wasn’t there. Google Books was also another option of getting free books but Sony has discontinued it for this iteration of the e-reader.


Get the best deals at Store.sony.ca todayThe interface is pretty simple and practically designed. At the top you will find the WIFI and battery status. A nifty feature added by Sony is the time and pages you have read for a sitting, a great little detail for those who are short on time. Book browsing is nifty too with your current books being placed on a virtual bookshelf so that you can easily browse through them. The bookshelf can be changed to a standard list as well so that more books are displayed.

Applications include a handwriting app which is not found on other e-readers and other applications like browsers, picture viewer, and a note taking application which is integrated with Evernote, Text Memo for taking short notes and built-in dictionary as well.


With the Sony Reader offering enough features to distinguish itself from the likes of Kindle and Kobo, the PRS-T2 is well worthy of consideration. The battery life is great lasting around 1 month and the price is pretty reasonable too at $129. If you already have a Kindle and are looking for a second reader or you are buying an e-reader for the first time then the Sony PRS-T2 should be in your shopping list.