Both Sony and Kobo have a praiseworthy list of e-readers and today we are going to pit the Sony PRS-T2 against Kobo Touch. Both readers are individually worthy of consideration and are good readers to go for. But if you had to choose one of them which one would you go for? Read on to find out how these two compare and which one will be a better choice for you.


The Kobo Touch’s design is pretty consistent with what you see in readers nowadays. Touch screen dominates the front of the screen so you won’t find any buttons except for the power button. This makes for a cleaner and more industrial look from Kobo. The rounded corners make for good handling though it will be a little difficult to read and turn pages with one hand.

The PRS-T2 is well built and matches the looks of its predecessors. The device measures 6.9 x 4.4x 0.4 and weighs 5.9 ounces. Sony manages to give off a clean look to the device with the 6 inch touch screen dominating the device and it’s a known fact that Sony produces smart and pleasing gadgets. The reader sports a matted finish as well and gives off a quality look, but operating it using one hand causes some issues. The edges are not rounded, rather a little sharp which makes holding the reader for longer reading sessions a tad bit uncomfortable.


The 6 inch screen on the Sony PRS-T2 is a standard Pearl E Ink display. The touch screen is responsive with pinch to zoom functionality and is comfortable for longer reading sessions. But text rendering isn’t particularly sharp and there is some ghosting experienced while turning pages.

Kobo also goes with the industry standard here choosing the Pearl E Ink display. When compared to the PRS-T2 the Kobo comes off equal in performance and responsiveness. The touch feedback is good and text is generally sharper. Job well done by Kobo in the display department.


The Kobo Touch is packed with an 800 MHz processor which is the same processor fitted into the Nook Touch and gives great performance. The page turning and overall responsiveness is great and the Kobo Touch can compete with the best of the e-readers. Against the Sony PRS-T2, the Kobo comes out on top in terms of day to day performance, but that doesn’t mean that the Sony PRS-T2 is a slouch.

Books and Store

The Sony book store has experienced an update and sports a browser based interface. The interface is pretty comprehensive with a vast search option and various lists like, top selling, top free, new arrivals, bookstands and other bundles. While Kobo has its own book store with similar functionalities and there are tons of books to choose from. Even if you don’t get books from either of these stores you can download free books of various websites.

Reading books on both the Sony and Kobo is a pleasure. Both readers operate similarly because of the common touch screen and both have good enough screens to make reading sessions fun.


The little details are what count and Sony has added plenty of them in their e-reader. The interface is pretty simple and practically designed. A nifty feature added by Sony is the time and pages you have read for a sitting, a great little detail for those who are short on time. Book browsing is pretty slick too with a bookshelf representing all the books that you have. Plus there is a handwriting app, picture viewer, and a note taking application which is integrated with Evernote, Text Memo for taking short notes and built-in dictionary as well.

On the other side, Kobo has taken the KIS approach. They have kept it simple (KIS). Kobo’s philosophy revolves around the fact that Kobo Touch is primarily a reader and all other things are secondary. The interface is a testament to this fact with everything geared towards improving the reading experience. A built-in dictionary will help you along and downloading a book will take less than a couple of minutes.

Battery Life

Both the Kobo and the Sony readers have around a month of battery life with minimal Wi-Fi use and around 1 hour of daily reading. 1 month is more than enough up time especially if you are on vacations.


The Sony PRS-T2 and the Kobo Touch both cost $129 and are equally good readers. If you want an e-reader with tad more features than the Sony PRS-T2 is the one to go with. But the Kobo Touch excels in the reading department and that is what matters when you are looking for an e-reader.