In the recent past Kobo has been guilty of releasing some excellent e-readers. From the Kobo Touch to the Kobo Mini they are gaining popularity and slowly making a foothold in the e-reader market. This time we have the Kobo Glo up against the Sony PRS-T2, a touch screen reader by Sony. Both readers got good reviews but it’s time for a face-off. Read on to find out.


The Kobo Glo is a striking e-reader and comes in multiple colors. The clean cuts and the premium looking design add to Kobo’s class. The reader is very easy to handle plus the touch screen means there is far less clutter up front. The back is adorned with a grease magnet design though and hosts a diamond shaped pattern.

The Sony PRS-T2 is well built and matches the looks of its predecessors. The device measures 6.9 x 4.4x 0.4 and weighs 5.9 ounces. The reader sports a matted finish as well and gives off a quality look, but holding it in hand causes some issues. Since the edges are not rounded, rather a little sharp, holding the reader for longer periods or operating it with one hand can cause some discomfort.


The Kobo Glo comes packed with a 1024 * 768 resolution screen and is tact sharp. Reading experience is great on the Glo and easily beats that of the Sony PRS-T2. The Kobo Glo also has the ComfortGlow technology which is an inbuilt light for your night reading sessions. The touch screen on both e-readers are responsive and don’t intrude on your reading sessions.


The reading experience on the Kobo Glo is hands down one of the best seen in any e-reader. Only the Kindle Paperwhite can compare to it meaning naturally that the Sony PRS-T2 loses out. The Sony PRS-T2 fails to present sharp text leaving you with aching eyes. On the other hand the Kobo Glo is sharp and a pleasure to spend your reading sessions with.

Both Sony and Kobo have individual book stores where you can buy and download books. Both sites are very well laid out but none of them can compete against what Amazon has to offer. Nonetheless you can download books from other sources as well so there is no shortage of books.

Sony packs its reader with tons of features apart from a good reading experience. A nifty feature added by Sony is the time and pages you have read for a sitting, a great little detail for those who are short on time. Plus you will find a handwriting app, picture viewer, and a note taking application which is integrated with Evernote, Text Memo for taking short notes and built-in dictionary. The performance is good and you won’t find any jerkiness or hang-ups while using the PRS-T2.

While Kobo Glo uses the Linux operating system and is the same as the Kindle line runs on. The Main screen has the last five books read plus all the artwork of the books you have in your Kobo. The settings menu contains all the options you will ever need to configure the Kobo Glo. And the touchscreen provides a smooth experience and turning pages is as easy as flicking the screen.

Battery Life

Kobo claims that the reader can run for straight 70 hours with the ComfortGlow turned on and the WIFI turned off. The Sony PRS-T2 can stay up for around a month on full charge based on infrequent WIFI use and an hour per day reading.


The Sony PRS-T2 is a great e-reader but Kobo Glo outmatches it in the most important aspect, reading. The excellent screen plus the built-in light really propels the Kobo Glo ahead of the Sony PRS-T2. The extra features that Sony comes along with are great but e-readers are meant for reading and that is where it loses out. Price of $129 for Kobo Glo and the PRS-T2 can be had for $139 so the choice is easy, Kobo Glo is the clear winner.

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