The Painted GirlsHave you ever fallen in love with a painting and wondered the story that inspired it? Well this story is about the beautiful little dancer from the Edgar Degas painting of ‘Little Dancer Aged 14′. Sure it’s not the official story of the girl who became such a beautiful masterpiece but it provides a very realistic and believable story nonetheless. This story holds true to the form and the style of the century in which it’s set so you can easily believe that you are in Paris in the 1800’s.

The Painted Girls: Cathy Marie Buchanan

Marie and Antoinette are sisters living in Paris with a mother who has sunk into a deep depression with the death of their father. Their father was the only one capable of supporting their family and with his death that burden falls on the two teenage girls. But what are two teenage girls going to do to make money in 1879 Paris? To begin they try their hand at ballet, which is where young Marie becomes the muse of Edgar Degas. But both girls soon realize that dancing is not all that goes on in a Paris theatre and if they’re looking to earn the money they need, there are other things they could do.

This beautiful story weaves together the lives and ways of two sisters who will need to rely on each other in order to survive in a world that threatens to eat them alive. They will need to rely on their own beliefs and their own morals to decide whether or not to enter the darker backstage of Parisian life in order to make the money their family could truly use.