With the holiday shopping season just at its peak, Barnes & Noble has reduced the price of their primary e-Ink device, Nook Simple Touch eReader, to $79. This is a reduction of $20 from the original price of $99. Nook Simple Touch eReader is among the most popular eReaders in the market and makes use of a touchscreen to perform functions such as flipping e-ink pages and navigating menus. The device, upon its release, was considered a major advancement over its predecessor by most of the tech analysts. It is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi facilitating direct access to Barnes & Noble store, and also has an expansion slot for memory expansion.

While there are full-feature tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire that can be purchased for as low as $159, many people prefer making use of e-Ink screen over a backlit one. This is because an e-Ink screen is relatively easier on the eyes and also proves to be better for outdoor reading. Other than having a wide range of books from the Barnes & Noble store at their disposal, Nook Simple Touch readers can also enjoy Angry Birds and other social networking apps, thanks to the enhanced social networking features of the device.

Refurbished models of the device were available from Walmart at a nominal price of $50 until recently. However, the store seems to have run out of the stock which depicts the popularity of the device. Barnes & Noble was also offering the device for $60 on Black Friday. But the deal of $79 would remain throughout the holiday season, so if you missed your chance during Black Friday, you can still benefit from the holiday deal and get hold of one of the most popular eReading device available in the market.

Other than buying Nook Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble retail stores and Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, you can also get hold of them from third-party retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

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