Mockingjay - Suzanne CollinsThe last book in the well-known Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins seems to have outdone herself with Mockingjay. This story details the last of Katniss’ story as she continues to fight against The Capitol for the freedom of her people and their entire country as well. Her strong spirit and her will to survive seem to have only been enhanced in this book as she continues to do whatever it takes to protect herself and those she cares about from danger no matter what shape that danger may come in.

Katniss is forced to fight against not only those she has long considered enemies but also one that she has long considered to be a friend and who she has more recently considered to be more. The Rebels adore her and want Katniss as one of their own. She’s finally agreed to be one of them after witnessing the evils of The Capitol but the rebellion isn’t everything that she thought it was either. In fact, not everyone in the rebellion is actually after the same thing and they most definitely don’t want Katniss to do what she wants to assist their cause.

This novel finishes out the story of Katniss, Peeta, Gail, Prim, The Rebellion and of course The Capital. But will it end the way that anyone is expecting it too? There are definitely more than enough twists to keep you guessing and leave you wondering what will happen from one page to the next. Nothing is as it seems when The Girl on Fire decides to save the world.

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