The Kobo Mini is a smaller iteration of the Kobo line of e-readers. Standing at 5 inches the Kobo Mini is not a lot smaller than the Kindle reader which is a 6 inch e-reader. This is the company’s first 5 inch reader and stands to challenge the Kindle line of readers as well as Kobo’s own line of readers. Read on to take a look at how this mini wonder performs.


The small footprint of the Kobo Mini proves to be a very pocket able size and you can easily slide the Kobo Mini inside your jeans pocket. The Mini has a very minimalistic design with the added advantage of swapping out the back cover by buying a new one on a retailer. Great for those who want to adopt a fashionable look and match the looks the e-reader to the clothes being worn. The device is very lightweight at 4.73 ounce and measures 102 x 133 x 10 mm. Overall a compact little device.


The 5 inch screen sports the older e-ink Vizplex and has a resolution of 800*600 while having the traditional 16 levels greyscale. The screen is good enough for a light reading session but the 5 inch screen size is not the perfect size for longer reading sessions. If you are attuned to larger screens then this 5 inch screen won’t be your favorite feature of the e-reader. Plus the touch is good enough but the 5 inch screen may be smaller for a full blown touch experience.


The Kobo Mini though sporting a mini screen does not compromise in the processor department. An 800 Mhz processor is fitted to provide excellent performance and matches or betters the Kindle. Page turning and overall handling of the Kobo Mini is pretty zippy plus the 2GB memory card is more than enough for books storage.


The Kobo Mini uses the Linux operating system and is the same as the Kindle line runs on. The actual experience of the Kobo Mini is akin to the Kobo Glo and Kobo Touch and Kobo are churning out frequent updates so that all the Kobo owners have a similar user experience. The Main screen has the last five books read plus all the artwork of the books you have in your Kobo. The settings menu contains all the options you will ever need to configure the Kobo Mini. Plus the great SketchPad software will take up lot of your time and you will be playing around drawing various things and taking advantage of the touchscreen.

Battery Time/Wi-Fi

The battery of the Kobo Mini lasts for around 2 months if you are not using Wi-Fi frequently. But at best with Wi-Fi on you will get 1 month of use out of the Kobo Mini which is ample battery time. The Wi-Fi is a great edition together with the standard web browser and will be enough for basic browsing needs.


The Kobo Mini is a small wonder indeed packed with great performance and a good touch screen. Though the mini screen size may not be enough for everyone but at $79.99 the Kobo Mini is a great buy or a great gift for a loved one.