kobo Arc

While we mostly look at the main three manufacturers of tablets today, Samsung (Galaxy Tab), Apple (iPad) and Google (Nexus) there are hundreds of other tablet manufacturers in the market that also release great products. The same way when Amazon, the largest online store of books (digital & print) decided to come out with an eReader of their own other companies also followed suit. These companies however gave a better experience because they were not plain vanilla e-ink display units but full-fledged tablets with IPS 1280×800 HD display that were simply great for watching movies & photos while also serving the purposes of an eReader. Amazon responded at that time by launching the Kindle Fire tablet range.

Another company that also has a decent narket share in the digital books retailing business is Kobo. They also did launch their own eReader soon after Amazon. Interestingly Kobo is not the first choice when it comes to consumer’s preferences about an eReader. In fact when they came out with the Kobo Vox it was not accepted well at all. But things, it seems, are about to change. A new eReader is launched by the company named the Kobo Arc. It is an eReader with Android Ice Cream Sandwich loaded giving users the dual advantage of an eReader and a tablet.

The Kobo Arc comes with some mouth-watering specs to boast. It has a 7” IPS display screen with 1280×800 pixels. This HD display churns out 215 PPI and is a treat to watch HD movies and or reading books. The eReader is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and also comes with a dual core graphics processor to make it blazingly fast and a joy to use. Being essentially an Android device under the skin, the Kobo Arc allows the user a full access to the Google Play Store. This is a great feature something that is not common with all tablets cum eReaders currently available in the market.

The Kobo Arc has been launched in three different versions and the cheapest is a 16 GB version coming at a price tag of $199.

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