So Amazon has finally decided to honor its loyal customer in Canada? Well probably yes but not immediately. Amazon has planned to launch the Kindle store specific to Canada. Well what use that will be you may ask? Let us explain it to you.

Amazon already has a website for the Canadian population, will satisfy most of your needs but it is not fully fleshed and it eventually redirects to the original But now you will get the ability to download apps and books right of the Canadian marketplace along with the ability to publish your e-books directly to Amazon. Kindle Singles has also made its debut for Canada and the long awaited French e-book collection is finally available. Plus Canadian writers will get a special section which highlights the best sellers in Canada.

Along with these obvious benefits you may soon get to see the likes of Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire finally appear in the Canadian market. At the moment you can only get the Kindle Reader 5th Gen, Kindle Touch Wi-Fi and the Kindle Keyboard 3G in Canada.

Amazon started selling their Kindle books and devices in Canada from 2009 but Canadians were never treated equal to their neighbors in terms of device releases, e-book availability and pricing and the fact that Amazon didn’t’ furnish its huge fan base in Canada. With this news people in Canada will finally rejoice and probably gain equal footing with their neighbors.

Add to the fact that Amazon has launched stores in UK, Brazil, Germany and France and you will see the injustice side of it. But we may see the launch of the Kindle store as soon as next week or some reports suggest that the launch will be delayed to the start of next year.

For the new site you don’t need to make a separate account, your previous account can be used. And the pricing has been made competitive to the Kobo in Canada.

It remains to be seen if this will be particularly helpful for Canadians in the longer run but it is a step in the right direction by Amazon.

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