Hopeless - Colleen HooverDean and Sky are very similar people. They live the same type of lives and for most people they would seem to be the ideal couple. But Sky is a little afraid of Dean. She can’t seem to stop thinking about him and she definitely can’t seem to stay away. Especially when Dean is determined to be with her. So what are they going to do? They can’t seem to stay apart and yet they can’t seem to tell each other the truth either. So what are they going to do? This story has beautiful scenes of love and romance all throughout.

Hopeless: Colleen Hoover

Something about Dean just isn’t quite what he’s been telling Sky. He has a secret that’s going to change her life forever when she finds out about it and she’s inevitably going to find out. She finally agrees to give him and their relationship a chance but this could completely ruin everything. The two have many great moments together .Moments that will leave you laughing out loud and some that will leave you wiping your eyes.

Colleen Hoover really knows what she’s doing with this story. She knows how to weave together a story of two people who mean a lot to each other even though they don’t know how to be together. You’ll be able to relate to these characters and the ways that they help each other to survive through some important parts of their lives. You’ll be looking for more Colleen Hoover stories after you finish this one as well.

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