Gone Girl - Gillian FlynnA wife disappears during their 5th wedding anniversary. A husband is set up as the prime suspect. Sounds like a pretty straightforward suspense fare? Well, not really.

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a multifaceted psychological thriller playing on the dark side of marriage. This is not a whodunit. Readers won’t be even asking what happens next. Primarily, what they’re going to be asking throughout the entire novel is “What is really happening?”

Flynn’s writing perfectly narrates each twist and turn in this complex thriller, one that leaves readers puzzling over a paragraph, or going back a couple of pages or so to check a certain fact. There are no clear protagonists in this one. There are only perspectives that leave it to the reader to piece together what really happened.

Each page adds a missing piece to the puzzle; each chapter makes both characters so much more real and the situation more serious. Readers will be torn between emphasizing with Amazing Amy, looking for nuggets of information that will exonerate Nick from her disappearance, and just trying to figure out what happened.

The novel is look at the dark side of marriage, how extreme personalities and manipulative acts can twist two people and change them in ways that may be difficult to fathom. The twist leading up to the end is fantastic, and the ending itself may be a difficult pill to swallow. This psychological thriller is one tale that readers won’t leave easily behind. Love it or hate it, Gone Girl is one novel that won’t be easy to forget.

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