E-books were created for more efficient and comfortable reading. There are a lot of available e-books and these are the ones that those who love reading chic-lit should have on their Kindle.

50 Shades of Grey

1) 50 Shades of Grey (E.L. James) – This book will possess and obsess the readers as it shows how Ana and Christian showed their passion for love. This story has the most daring physical affair that will make the readers thrilled of the next thing to happen and how Ana discovers the dark secrets of Christian Grey.

Beautiful Disaster

2) Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire) – This is a light story between Abby and Travis with a twist when the latter finally met his match. On the other hand, Abby is a conservative girl and looks at Travis as the boy she will never fall in love with. Given their differences, Travis was challenged by Abby’s attitude toward him and made an agreement in which the story revolves.


3) Effortless (S.C. Stephens) – Kiera was once involved in a love triangle which led to betrayal. She made a decision not to be involved again in this kind of relationship but life offers many challenges. Kiera fell in love again and became a part of love triangle for the second time.


4) Easy (Tammara Webber) – It was through a chance encounter that these two people had a chance to be together and eventually fell in love with each other. They are so in love but their differences will put their love on test. They will fight the pain and face reality for them to be together until the end.

Bared to You

5) Bared to You (Sylvia Day) – This is a story full of passion and earthly desires. A man being so hot and handsome becomes the obsession of one woman that she came to the point of praying for them not to be torn apart.


6) Thoughtless (S.C. Stephens) – Kiera and Denny are both so in love with each other for two years until they stayed in a place which offers Denny a good job and Kiera, being a topnotch in a university. Kiera having thought Denny to have changed his good and sweet characteristics find joy with another man who is a rock star.


7) Slammed (Colleen Hoover) – Layken is an 18-year old lady who stands firm for both her mother and younger brother is losing hope as she was forced to show them strength to after her father’s death. Will Cooper came in the story to be Layken’s new source of happiness, love and hope. It was during their first date that they were slammed with a shocking revelation.

Avoiding Commitment

8) Avoiding Commitment (K.A. Linde) – The two lovers, Lexi and Jack didn’t have a good and lasting relationship. After 2 years of breaking up, Lexi was surprised when her ex-boyfriend suddenly calls her only to convince his new girl, Bekah that he is now ready for a commitment.

Love Unscripted

9) Love Unscripted (Tina Reber) – This is a light love story that happens between a celebrity and a simple person. Christensen never knew he would rise on the top of his unexpected career and he still dreams of having a girl in his life. He was never too happy with his celebrity life but it makes Taryn Mitchell so jealous with him and his fans.

Gabriel’s Inferno

10) Gabriel’s Inferno (Sylvain Reynard) – Professor Gabriel Emerson, sexy and well-respected by day is a man full of earthly passions at night using his charm and good looks. A certain Julia Mitchell came into his life when she enrolls as a graduate student. Sweet and innocent, Julia became the reason for Gabriel’s jeopardized career. Sinful seduction is shown in the story together with forbidden love and redemption.

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