E-readers and the love for reading

Book reading has been one of my favorite pastime of the pass 10 years or so. I have read hundreds of books and continue to do so but now something has changed. I now own an e-reader. And my e-reader has substituted those hundreds of books lying around in my house. And after moving on to an e-reader my reading habits have improved and I now read more books. So why is an e-reader so loveable? Read on to find out 3 reasons why an e-reader will make you fall in love with reading again.


Kindle Paperwhite

An e-reader is extremely compact and handy. Now, you don’t need to worry about the size and pages of the book you are going to read. However big the book is in real time, it will be translated in to mere MB’s at the end of the day. So no need to fret about how you will read Wolfs Court while lying down, since all you need to handle is that 6 inch e-reader.

Another great thing is that you have a 200 in 1 package deal. Meaning you can easily fit in 200 books or more in your e-reader, depending on the storage size. This is very handy especially for people who like reading multiple books at a time. All you need to do is close your current e-book and open another without worrying about getting up and finding that other book.

Many in one

Browsing with Kindle Paperwhite

Notice that I used ‘many’ not ‘all’ since e-readers cannot yet be described as all in once packages. For that you will have to loosen your wallet a bit more and buy a tablet. But e-readers have come a long way from the start when you could only read books. Now you can enjoy some music, browse the internet and read colored magazines and comics too. This many in one capability is something all book readers love. Plus the ability to quickly highlight a passage, get instant meanings of any word and touch experience really ups the reading ante.

Night Time Reading

Kindle Paperwhite in Dark

Yes I know that night time reading can be done with run of the mill books as well but you need some form of light source unless you have cat eyes. With e-readers and especially after the likes of Kindle Paperwhite night time reading has become much more enjoyable and easier. Now you no longer need to disturb your partner by keeping open the bedside lamp, simply switch on the e-reader and read.

These reasons are why I love my e-reader so much. Why do you love your e-readers? Comments are welcome.

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