China The Next Big Market For Ebooks

Globalization seems to be the next big step for the ebooks and eReader industry, a common theme that has been shared in every publishing and ebook events held recently. There has been a consensus among people in the industry that more and more users should be exposed to the benefits of digital books. This is not only a viable business tactic, one which can result in sales augmentation for the companies operating in the digital ebooks and eReaders business, but looking forward it is a great step in terms of spreading the light of literacy, foster mutual respect among people – cross-boundary and encourage more understanding for each others culture; a necessary respite from the narrow minded modern outlook.

Globalization of ebooks, much like any other attempt of such large scale, is faced with their own roadblocks and in this case the key areas where any steps taken in this regard can be met with obstacles are technology and political mindset. A point in case is China. China among the emerging nations has always been looked upon with favor by every business conceivable. A country with more than a billion people is indeed a mouth watering prospect for any business decision maker. But political censorship and other technological issues made it impossible for ebooks written In English to be released in China.

2012 has been a watershed year for China as, Dangdang, and the leading ebooks retailer in the world Amazon have all entered the Chinese market. Chinese telecommunication providers have also entered into the fray launching ebook titles. For consumers this is a great time that has been long overdue.

2013 has been predicted to be an even bigger year for the Chinese market as ebook readers and tablets vie for space on the retail shelves and analysts predicting some 40-50 million to these to be sold.

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