Catching Fire: Suzanne CollinsThe future of our world after we have exhausted its resources and destroyed its surface with our wars is something that many novelists have explored. This book is no different in that respect however the style that Suzanne Collins has employed is different from most. Instead of focusing on the adults in a post-apocalyptic world, Collins has chosen to focus on the children in a story that will have you flipping pages at lightning speed.

Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen is ‘The Girl on Fire’. She’s known for her amazing intellect, her strong sense of family and her survival instincts. After all, she and her friend Peeta have won the 74th Hunger Games by outsmarting The Capital itself. They were able to succeed by using their love for each other as a ruse to save their own lives. But The Capitol isn’t pleased with what they’ve done. Now it’s time for the 75th Hunger Games and The Capitol has a nasty habit of getting back at its enemies and those who seek to outsmart it.

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy and its focus on what could become of our world will leave you stunned. Collins has a hit on her hands with this trilogy and we can only wonder what will happen to her and to Katniss after reading this second book. The Girl on Fire has a lot at stake during the next games and a lot of other people have much to lose if she doesn’t succeed as well.

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