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The e-reader revolution has been gathering pace since 2007 when Amazon released their Kindle to critical acclaim. Since then people are choosing e-readers over books regularly and the percentage of e-book owners has been increasing steadily. Stats suggest that e-reader sales are growing exponentially and that sales of e-books are growing rapidly too. This revolution has been helped by a wide variety of affordable e-readers and the availability of books at cheap prices.

But why are these electronic readers gaining attention and why are people preferring them over hard back books? There are a handful of reasons for that. Some personal and some related to the technology boost of e-readers.

In a survey taken 40% people said that they were reading more books since they got their e-reader, a fact that can be used in marketing e-readers. Another survey conducted by Marketing and Research Resources suggested that 56% people said that they were reading just as many books after getting their e-reader while 2% said that their reading habits had increased.

It maybe human physique but it seems that people are more attracted towards a shiny new gadget and will probably put it to use more than a brand new book. It may be that as the device gets older people get bored of it, but with e-readers the added advantage is of easily availability of books. eReader with BooksWith Amazon setting up their online book stores and making books very cheap, the e-reader may never get old.

Another advantage of e-readers is that you can download books for free. Most of the books online that are old can be easily downloaded right to your e-reader for free. When we compare it to hard back books, nothing is available for free. You will have to go to a library and then borrow that book, or if you have close friend then he or she will lend it to you. But e-readers make it easy getting free books and who doesn’t like free stuff.

Speaking of books we all know it can be pain carrying all those heavy books around. This is one of the areas that e-readers sweeps the ground in. E-readers are highly portable, sized around 6-7 inches and weighing in around a pound, these little devices can transport that bulky bag filled with a dozen books to a simple sleek machine carrying hundreds of books and weighing next to nothing.

And if you are tired of reading books then simply turn on your Wi-Fi and start browsing the internet. This is what e-readers are good at, multitasking. Something which hard back books can’t provide and which makes e-readers all the more valuable, especially when we factor in the cost of e-readers and all the money we have spent on books all this time.

All in all getting an e-reader is the wisest choice any avid book fan can make. On the longer run e-readers will eventually all but replace books and it is a good choice to jump on the e-reader bandwagon now.

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