B&N Nook Allows Users to login using Microsoft Account

Last year’s $300 million investment by Microsoft into Nook Digital was a two pronged move for the software giant. First, they explicitly wanted the ebook division of Barnes & Noble to be separated from their physical store segment and second they wanted there to be more cohesiveness between the two companies. In effect they wanted to tap the growing ebook business that would in effect also benefit them in the long run.

Developments have been flowing in since then with the recent one being Barnes & Noble updating their Windows RT app which now allow users to log in using their Microsoft account drastically improving the ease of use and increasing the convenience to access and shop for ebooks and other reading materials on their online stores.

There is now an additional advantage of using the Barnes & Noble app for Windows RT with your Microsoft account. You can now buy books logging from any where in the world. This would have been impossible to do earlier. Earlier it was mandatory for the Barnes & Noble platform to use a US billing address and also a credit card that was issued in the US to be able to buy books from the platform.

In fact so tight were the rules that you could not even use the entire line of Nook eReaders and tablets unless you have an USA account. That in effect made Barnes & Noble lose out on a huge audience of ebook readers who lived outside the US. With the new changes this requirement has been removed opening the door for a huge audience to take advantage of the Barnes & Noble platform. It is a bonus for users who live outside the US and want to buy digital content such as ebooks, comics and other reading materials.

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