Brazil seems to be the latest major battleground between the eReaders and eBook content providers. Recently, Kobo landed its services in the country with a local partner, Livraria Culture, pioneer of the online book sales in Brazil. Only within 5 hours of the launch of Kobo services, Google also went ahead and launched its iBookstore on Google Play Brazil. Apple had already set food on the Brazilian soil with its eBook content in October and Amazon also soon followed the lead of these tech giants.

The war between these four tech giants for eBook market domination in Brazil is underway and it would take some time before we can decide someone definitively dominating the market. Currently it seems that Apple is ahead in the competition and the company’s iBookstore seems to be dominating the market.

The success of Apple over other tech giants in Brazil has come as more of surprise for many tech analysts. Apple charges its eBooks in US dollars and an additional 6 percent tax on all transactions is also charged. But on the other hand, Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad are highly popular in Brazil and this popularity is one of the main reasons behind the increased demand of the digital content form the company.

Kobo has been selling its Kobo Touch eReader in Brazil via its retail partners, although the success is moderate so far. Amazon, on the other hand, has also had average success because it is able to sell the Kindle eReader only through third party resellers. Prohibitive costs in the country have also slowed down the expansion of the eReader market and considering all the factors, an average reader considers it easier to simply buy an iPad which also explains the reason for the success of iBookstore in the country.

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