70 PercentFor one company which pioneered the ebook business and now sees more ebooks sold than printed ones, Amazon is probably the happiest about the recent rise in popularity of ebook readers and tablets.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon.com, is probably experiencing the best times of his life. He could not have put it in any better way when he said, “We’re now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting,” indicating at the growth of the ebooks business.

Nearly five years after the launch of the ebooks segment on Amazon, it has now transformed itself and emerged as a multi-dollar sales proposition for Amazon. The growth of the ebook segment has been phenomenal considering that it grew 70% last year.

The figures when compared with the print segment of Amazon’s online business are even more astounding. The print division experienced the lowest growth rate for December in 17 years at only 5%. Thanks to Kindle and its overwhelming popularity among the reading community, it has been possible for Amazon to single handedly change the face of this industry.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has emerged as the single most popular device on Amazon. An analysis of year end data suggests that the top four positions for Amazon’s Kindle devices worldwide are being held by Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and the plain vanilla Kindle. Further year end sales stats revealed that 23 KDP author have sold more than a quarter of a million copies of the books in the year 2012.

Additionally more than 500 KDP select books have made it to the 100 Kindle best seller list for its world wide ranking released. It is imperative to mention here that Kindle stores have been open and accessible in Brazil, Canada, China and Japan taking the reach of the Amazon ebooks segment to new geographical frontiers.

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