Amazon Kindle Leather Cover 1

A solid interior allows the Kindle to easily slide into place and secure without straps or elastic that interferes with seeing the screen. The case is made of leather in a choice of four different colors so that it works well no matter what the user’s style or gender. It features a book style, which allows for simply opening the front cover to hold the case (and the Kindle) just like one would hold a book to read it. The front cover can also be flipped open to hold the Kindle as it would be without a case.

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover 2

The case is very thin which allows for ease of use instead of interfering with the normal manner used. It does, however, also have a thick enough surface to protect the surface of the Kindle from scratches or from other types of damage from bumping surfaces. One could easily hold this case as the thin device and thin case make it simple to do so. There is no added bulk by adding this case to the outside of the device. There is also no decrease in the ability to use the device as it attached around the outside and never over the front.

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover 3

Microfiber on the inside of the case protects the screen from being scratched even when pressed tightly closed. The durability of the leather allows it to last for a long time and to stand up to normal wear and abuse. There is also a plastic casing, which covers all sides of the Kindle to secure it in place and protect the edges. Visit Amazon Kindle Store – Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

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