DataWind’s second coming the Aakash 2 tablet has arrived in the US with plans of changing the tablet market. DataWind is trying to convince people that the Aakash 2 is faster than the Aakash one and a $40 tablet can also prove to an able machine for those with tight budget strings.

The 7 inch tablet from DataWind comes with a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB flash memory. The multi touch screen is quite responsive and you won’t have any complaints with its performance either. The Aakash 2 also has a USB slot, wall charger and comes with 12 months warranty. All this for $ 40 makes for a great deal.

Sunseet Singh, DataWind’s CEO clearly points out that Aakash 2 isn’t meant for the elite class. Rather it is for those areas where people, especially students cannot get hold of a tablet or afford one.

“Frugal innovation isn’t about creating an iPad killer, it’s about creating an iPad for him,” said Tuli, pointing to a presentation slide of a lower-class man whose primary motivation is to receive an education. “This is not a straight commerce effort — it’s an educational effort.”

Aakash which means Sky in Hindi references the potential of the tablet and the heights students can reach once they use the tablet. And Aakash 2 is really a tablet which can change the lives of students if used properly. Even the government of India is chipping in and has subsidized the costs by 50%. The tablet will now cost $20 in the Indian market.

And it’s not only India that is taking advantage of DataWind’s innovation, but other countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Honduras, Bolivia, Brazil and Panama have all seen Aakash’s potential and have taken a liking to it and want to give it a go. Without doubt if Aakash 2 takes to the sky then we may see the start of a revolution in how tablets are perceived and how they can be used to benefit education.

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