If you are a book writer and especially if you have written books before, you will know how difficult it is to first get a publisher, then actually publish the book. And once the book is published the task of marketing it starts which is a whole other world. In this competitive world selling your book is never an easy task, but Kindle and Amazon have made it a bit easier. We present 5 reasons why writing and publishing your book through Kindle is a much better and easier undertaking then a paperback book.

Kindle’s Market is growing

Kindle is hands down the most popular book reader in the world with its sales hitting the roof in the last couple of years. We have some stats which will convince you that the popularity of Kindle will help you and go a long way in making your book successful.

  1. Amazon.com is the largest retailer, in the world, so you know people are going to take notice of your book. You will be taking advantage of a marketing campaign without ever paying for it.
  2. Kindle reader is the #1 selling e-reader in the world, means you will have a strong and vast market for your published books.
  3. Kindle book sales have overtaken paperback book sales and there number will only grow.

All these facts combine to make a compelling argument indeed.

Benefit from Amazon’s users

With millions of people visiting Amazon for one thing or another, you will have guaranteed audience for your published books. You won’t have to setup a separate site to publicize your books (though you could do that too). And with Amazon appearing at the top in search engines, chances are high that Google will lead visitors directly to your book’s page.

Create a Brand

Writing books for Kindle gives the added advantage of attaching links within your books, something that you cannot do in paperback books; you can of-course print your Facebook page address but that isn’t the same as the instant interaction found in Kindle. Once you get your book published you can market it more using external links to your blog or Facebook pages.

Make Extra Cash

Believe it or not but writing books for Kindle is sort of a new trend. Writers are completing books and dumping them on the platform provided by Amazon and earning money. Not only that freelancing websites are offering writers jobs for writing books for Kindle. Plus this is rolling income since if you publish a book once on Amazon and if people take a liking to it, you will be earning monthly.

Ease of publishing

The most important reason is ease of publishing. You won’t have to run around publishers and convince them that your book idea is the best and is worth a shot. Just sign-in at Amazon and you will be on your way to publishing your book.

Amazon and Kindle have made it very easy for writers to market and publish their books online. And with the growing number of Kindle owners and Amazon viewers, your book is bound to come into notice. Buy a Kindle and start working on your next epic saga. Who knows down the road we might be reviewing your book! And if you still aren’t convinced, then read this amazing success story.